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Mobile Shoe Program

We offer mobile shoe service to plants with 30 to 300 employees.

Mennon Rubber and Safety Products is about to embark on our 40th year of business. We are happy to share our joy in thinking about you and your challenges. It’s about you and ultimately getting to us. We strive to be an outward mindset company that happens to sell PPE and occupational footwear.

Opportunity is all we ask for. You’ll see we are different. An opportunity can start small and turn into a mutually beneficial relationship. It also can turn into a transformational partnership. We like partnerships over sponsorships.  I like to think our interaction will be valuable.

We learned several things during the pandemic. We learned that we know our customers and their businesses. Maybe that is why we don’t have customer numbers or account numbers.

Feel free to peruse our new website and quote cart to get pricing on items that fit your needs.  If you would like, you can also place your orders through the site with a purchase order.